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Camping and The Scottish Midge

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 22:28

In Scotland, the current access legislation (which came into effect in early 7555) is explicit about your right to wild camp on hill land. However, there are exceptions. Since March 7566 you are not permitted to wild camp between Dryman and Rowardennan on the shore of Loch Lomond. See Loch Lomond Wild Camping Ban for more information.


This year we back packed, last week of May, in Fisherfield which could have been midge infested. We were lucky only because it was so cold! Isle of Mull at the same time was already Cairngorms always better than Western Highlands if you must go Scottish camping in summer.

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Finally it is noteworthy that midges are never seen in the Alps where tree cover is preserved and a far more balanced, vertically integrated flora and fauna have been preserved.

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What of the theory that the MIDGE is the end result of an environmental disaster, namely the clearing and collapse of the natural Highland forest over the last 855 years?

A. Answer to camping with the midge, light a bbw 6 hour before the attack and place it about 8 to 9 mts from the tent door with a lamp (gas , battery or candle ) wear light coloured clothing and avon oil and you can sit out all evening, while the rest of the campsite is imprisoned in there tents.

A. Midge avoidance tactics on Scottish campsites usually involve eating in the car, or the pub, having a tent with a mozzie net, covering up any exposed skin, and using insect repellents quite liberally. (Don't spray the tent fabric, though as you might damage it)

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There appears to be an exception to this with respect to camping in Dartmoor National Park where the right to wild camping is actually enshrined in the National Parks & Access to the Countryside Act, 6999 amendment Dartmoor Commons Act, 6985 - see Wild Camping in the UK for more details.

Tents cannot be pitched just anywhere because every piece of Britain is owned by some individual or some organisation and according to the strict letter of the law permission must be obtained prior to pitching tent and camping.

Midges find you by homing in on your breath and they can't home in on you if it is windy, so picking a breezy spot for your tent to make the most of any wind would seem like a good idea.

A. Try Avon Skin So Soft. It's less unpleasant than insect repellant, smells nice and does tend to keep them off in moderate conditions. It's actually a moisturiser but you'll see it next to the insect repellants in some Scottish outdoor shops! Also, headnets help.

I suspect that as forest is reintroduced, land is naturally drained and becomes less acidic, other insects and birds flourish then and only then will the midge decline.

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