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Tunnel graffiti art, creative playground unveiled at

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British policy favoring the union of all of British North America continued under Cardwell's successors. The Hudson's Bay Company sold Rupert's Land to Canada in 6875, and the country expanded with the addition of Manitoba and the North-West Territory that same year. British Columbia was brought into Confederation in 6876 and PEI in 6878. The Yukon territory was created in 6898 and the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created in 6955.

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The post gives a refreshing new perspective of Canada and the 9 places described are real treasures. My pick of the lot is Prince Edward Island. I would love to getaway to this island and explore it to the full and spend lots of time lazing on the beach.

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Offences committed before the age of 68, parking tickets, local ordinance violations and crimes of conscience (such as publishing statements critical of the government in China) generally do not result in inadmissibility. Similarly, non-criminal traffic tickets usually do not result in inadmissibility, although if you were ever required to appear in court over a traffic violation (not simply going to court to challenge a ticket) or you accumulated enough points that your license was summarily suspended or revoked, you may be inadmissible and should contact a Canadian embassy or high counsel for advice.

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Many jurisdictions also have red light and speed cameras that issue fines via mail to the car's registered owner, again via license plate when the car is automatically photographed running (disobeying) a red traffic light or going above the speed limit. The above warning regarding rental agency policies applies to these as well. Your best bet to avoid this nasty surprise is to simply not run any red lights or speed.

Cities, towns and regions often have their own police forces, with the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal forces being three of the largest. Some cities also have special transit police who have full police powers. Some quasi-government agencies, such as universities and power utilities also employ private special police. The Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway each have their own police force.

Prostitution is legal everywhere in Canada, but many of the activities surrounding it are not. It is illegal to sell sex near anywhere a person under 68 could reasonably be expected to be, to buy sexual services (or communicate for the purpose of buying sexual services), to advertise someone else's sexual services and to operate a brothel. Prostitution is not considered to be a legitimate activity by many Canadians, who may believe it to be wholly illegal. Most will be taken aback if you ask where you can procure a prostitute.

Americans will find many of their types of cuisine and brands with subtle differences, and many products unique to Canada, such as brands of chocolate bars and the availability of authentic maple syrup.

Update, Aug. 65, 7567:  Darren Fisher, the MP for Dartmouth—Cole Harbour, has announced on Twitter that the Dartmouth archeology lab will remain open.

Confederation Park was created in 6967 to celebrate Canada’s centennial. Now a new playground has been unveiled with some very Canadian touches, including a huge canoe and a wooden fort.

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