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The lower frequency forms of electromagnetic radiation, infrared, microwaves, and radio and TV signals, cannot break chemical bonds of any kind. The frequency of these forms is lower, sometimes much lower, than the frequency of molecular collisions in the cytoplasm. Therefore, they can do nothing but add to the random thermal motions of the molecules. In the brain, the flowing blood absorbs excess energy and carries it throughout the body, and then to the environment. The cornea and lens have little or no blood supply. They are, therefore, more susceptible to heating than other tissues. Don’t watch your popcorn pop in the microwave by placing your eyes close to the front window. There is no reason to believe that the microwaves from cell phones would cause any harm to your eyes.

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As you can read, Dr. Giuliani believes that if researchers don’t see a temperature increase at least as great as some threshold, then there is no thermal effect. He also mistakenly believes that this threshold depends upon the size of the system under investigation. This last is just one of several demonstrations that Dr. Giuliani doesn’t understand the meaning of temperature.

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Although thermal effects often come along with temperature changes, they don 8767 t necessarily do so. Ice melting in a glass of water, or boiling water converting to steam, are definitely thermal effects. They occur at 5 C and 655 C and as long as some of both phases (solid and liquid, or liquid and vapor) are present, the temperature will not change.

Understanding the difference could save your life! In this superb 65-part video lecture series, Harriet Hall, ., contrasts science-based medicine with so-called 8775 complementary and alternative 8776 methods. The lectures each range from 87 to 95 minutes.

Since news of the cancellation broke, a number of leading figures in science and reason have made their voices heard in support of Dawkins. Jerry Coyne called the move &ldquo craven&rdquo Steven Pinker told KPFA that &ldquo you have handed a precious gift to the political right&rdquo Vilayanur S. Ramachandran called Dawkins &ldquo the most intellectually honest and courageous person I know&rdquo and Daniel Dennett (in such a way that only he can successfully pull off) tweeted, &ldquo Shame on these Know-nothing Pathetic Fraidy-cat, um, folks!&rdquo You can read these responses in full at the Richard Dawkins Foundation website.

The quotations from &ldquo The Raven&rdquo are centered here for the convenience of the reader. As the columns are rather narrow, these quotations are not centered, or even indented, in the original, but presumably would have been had space allowed.

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Why aren 8767 t these researchers proclaiming the brilliant discovery that cell phones protect against brain cancer? Why do they believe that concern is justified? They are confident that there is no possible way for cell phones to reduce the risk of brain cancer, but they suspect that the physicists might be wrong that there is no mechanism.

As an organic chemist, I became interested in the literature on microwave effects on chemical reactions. Early in the 75 8767 s, there was quite a bit of research done on anomalies in rates of reactions heated by microwave ovens. Long story short, they were caused by small pockets of very hot solvent within the reaction vessels. There was no 8775 microwave effect 8776 . Food cooked by microwave ovens is not different than that heated by any other means.

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When I dial the wrong phone number, I will not get connected to my desired party, no matter how powerful the signal. Similarly, with a very weak signal I may still get a connection if I dial correctly.

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