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All students in Humanities can choose to study abroad as part of their degree. The year abroad takes place in the third year of a four-year degree programme. You can apply directly for the four-year 'with Study Abroad' programme, or transfer from another programme once you are at Exeter.

English - UW-Green Bay

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Publish traditional genres such as poetry, fiction, drama, and the other fine arts. Send us your songs, your rants, your graffiti, your Twitterature, and anything else you believe to be art.

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SQA - National 5 English

Most of your work will be done in group and self-directed study: reading or viewing module material, writing essays or preparing for your seminar presentations. We encourage you to present your work because it involves you actively in the teaching and learning process, and develops important transferable skills such as good verbal and visual communication and effective interaction with other people. You will also develop a range of professional skills, such as time management and team working, plus valuable critical, analytical and communication skills.

You love to read. Or maybe you love to write. Or maybe you love both and want to help others learn to love them, too. Or maybe you just want a major that will open many doors, in a variety of career fields. If so, then a major in English is right for you. English majors have the benefit of small classes, outstanding faculty, study abroad opportunities and hands-on experience in producing a literary magazine. Our students love the passion that our professors bring to their teaching - your classes come alive with their enthusiasm!

UW-Green Bay s Journal of the Arts. Our goal is to produce one journal of creative work to showcase UW-Green Bay students, faculty, and staff each semester. Submit us your creativity or check us out!

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Graduating with a degree in English will put you in a great position to succeed in a range of different careers. Oral and written communication is at the heart of our programme and you will learn to present your ideas in a range of formats. You will also develop strong research and analytical skills and the ability to problem solve and make informed decisions. Through a balance of independent study and teamwork you will learn to manage your time and workload effectively.

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The modules we outline here provide examples of what you can expect to learn on this degree course based on recent academic teaching. The precise modules available to you in future years may vary depending on staff availability and research interests, new topics of study, timetabling and student demand.

Entry for programmes &lsquo with Study Abroad&rsquo is offered on the basis that you will spend your time abroad at an institution where the teaching and examining is delivered in English. However, we also have partners that teach in French, Spanish and German. Should you wish to study at one of these institutions you will need to take modules through the Foreign Language Centre up to &lsquo Advanced&rsquo standard in the appropriate language. In order to reach this standard before the year abroad, students usually need to have entered the University with the equivalent of a good GCSE or AS level (or higher) in that language.

English Bachelor 8767 s Degree Checklist Minor in English Available to any NSU major. Employers value language skills! Students pursuing an English minor complete 79 hours of course work in English, with the following specific requirements:

For full and up-to-date information on applying to Exeter and entry requirements, including requirements for other types of qualification, please see the Applying section.

Analysis of Raymond Carver's Short Stories 'Mine' & 'Little Things' The word genre is derived from the French word kind or class. Genre is a term.

This area studies all types of texts related to the film as a medium of communication. Students will learn to critically analyze a film text for its message and meaning, as well as learn to write specific types of texts, including those designed for professional use, such as screenplays. Opportunities for students to develop and produce their own films are also provided.

This area is designed to prepare students for writing texts suitable for a job, career, or vocation. Professional writing is intended for publication – public or private use – in print/electronic form or in the audio/visual modes of communication. Students in this area can study and practice a wide variety of written and spoken text genres, including creative writing, technical writing for scientific and business fields, and film and television writing.

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