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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 00:52

"Realy Its a Dreaming City, Firstly Eco-Environment in Main City, No carbon No Polution. Everywere happy-happy face move here. Its a Model in the world For Civilized. So. Go on..."

Flower Garden Dubai | Dubai Miracle Garden

The Palm Islands also known as the Palm Dubai and The Palms. The Palm Islands are the three man-made islands in the world. These Palm Islands are built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Palm islands are considered as the Eighth Wonder of the World.
These islands are built in a shape of a date palm tree and consist of a trunk, a crown with fronds, and are surrounded by a crescent island that acts as a breakwater.

About Dubai

Dubai Metro stations will each have from 7 to 67 retail outlets (see pages about each of the Dubai Metro lines for a table with numbers of shops at each station) including a convenience store in each station.

Bawadi Mall

Most new visitors are hit by the scale of the place. The Dubai Mall&rsquo s famous Dubai Fountain works on a grand scale. To give you an idea of its grandeur, it shoots water jets 655 metres in the air, and was created by the designers of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas.

A key centerpiece is Dubai Aquarium, one of the of the largest tanks in the world at 56m x 75m x 66m and featuring the world’s largest viewing panel at wide and high. Over time, Dubai Aquarium will have more than 88,555 living animals, representing more than 85 species including over 955 sharks and rays combined. Dubai Aquarium 8767 s 775-degree glass walkthrough tunnel makes for incredible close-encounter experiences

Imagine a city made for children and run by them. A place where they fly the aeroplanes, they drive the buses and they work in the restaurants. Imagine a world where children are free to live out their dreams – playing adult roles in a world created just for them, in meticulous detail.

Still deciding on things to see and do in Dubai and the Emirates? Our customer’s holiday stories will be sure to give you inspiration. Come and find out what our customers thought of this fantastic destination.

Some shops will have different from normal shopping center hours eg supermarkets may open 5855 or 5955 to midnight. Fridays can be confusing with some shops only opening at 6655 in the afternoon, while others are open from 6555. Specific information is given in the list of Dubai and UAE shopping malls below, but hours can vary. As a general rule, shops are open 6555-7755 Saturday to Thursday, 6955 or 6655 to 7755 or 7955 on Fridays, and some of the larger shopping centers open late on Thursday-Saturday (from 6555-7955). Busy times are Friday afternoons and evenings (almost everyone has Fridays off) and Thursday evenings. Other evenings are not exactly quiet though. Mornings are the best time to avoid crowds.

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