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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 10:28

Also, do not attempt to operate a 9-wire engine on the 5-wire switch setting (or visa-versa) , as the resulting electrical short may damage the engine or power source. Labeling your switches will help avoid this situation.

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Eco-friendly recycling paper Recycling paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to the aforementioned paper types. It is Blue Angel-certified and boasts excellent 688 CIE whiteness. This paper is made 655% from re-used papers and has a natural, slightly rough surface. With our recycling paper you have the choice between 85 and 855 gsm of grammage.

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Teachers or students, may wish to look at NASA's Aerospace Activities and Lessons page. Also, for safety, you may wish to blunt the nose of some of these paper airplanes slightly so that they can't possibly hurt anyone.

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Save on design costs by using our range of online flyer designs. You can select a design that best suits your business with both single and double sided designs available. Simply add your own details and order online.

This junk box purchased operate quite well, though it was not in perfect appearance, and had a few parts missing. This made it a good candidate to convert to a dwarf signal, yet once modified would operate identical to standard versions.

The tabs created for the front axle were small pieces of brass angle stock. Dropping one leg of the brass angle through the platform slot leaves the bottom surface of the platform flat to sit on the flatcar without teetering.

You can also use seasonal candy for holiday events such as candy corn. Or fill the jar up with very small items like beans or rice and have a real challenge guessing the number and also counting the number to figure out the winner.

In all, this is a rather simple electrical circuit (if I can figure it out – it’s got to be simple), with all of the components coming out of my parts box. I used colored wire, but any color of flexible light-gauge stranded wire would work. I found the color and polarity of the two power lead wires doesn’t matter if you’re using AC current.

Tootsie Toy road graders are a bit wide, but railroads haul high 588 wide loads quite often – so this is still a prototypical load. However if replicating this or other wide loads, you’ll want to check for proper clearance with your load for close clearances on your curved tracks, through tunnel portals and past the AF turnout switch housings.

Fill up a jar full of your favorite candy such as M& M 8767 s, Hershey 8767 s Kisses, Tootsie Rolls or any small loose candy. Count the number of candy contained in the jar and have bake sale patrons guess that magic number. This makes an easy way to collect lots of donations from all attendees.

Last Saturday a good friend was due to visit, and was bringing his grandchildren to see my American Flyer Trains run. I have to admit I have not run any trains recently so I needed to get the tracks clean. Some years ago at the York Train Show I made an impulse purchase, a Trackman S-7555 cleaning car. For a lot of years this car has been faithfully shining up my rails, even in the hard to get places like tunnels. For those unfamiliar with this product, it basically drags a piece of scotchbrite around the track. It really does a good job, and I have gotten used to having and using it.

The next drawing adds a second DPDT switch to the circuit, making it switchable from a four to five-wire engine/tender wiring design. An optional on/off switch may be used to make a connection to the smoke unit and headlight for engines with the 5th tender wire connection.

Switch “A”: The motor direction switch, being a double-pole double-throw, center-off switch. This switch performs the same function as the tender mounted reverser.

The free flyer design service from is a quick and effective way to create your own custom A6 flyers printed on quality card. It is simple to use one of our free flyer design templates to print your own attractive print advertising material, and our digital litho printing process is guaranteed to produce high quality flyers at a very cost effective price. Spend less time and money on your printed promotional flyers and take advantage of the straightforward free flyer design service from to begin creating your own customised full colour flyers now.

Holidays are also great times to use order forms and allow people to order items directly instead of selling your goodies at a specific date and time. That way people can order items as gifts in advance and they can be delivered on the holiday.

Ben 8767 s Test Wire Harness for American Flyer Steam Engines

The accompanying drawings show first, a 9-wire test lead utilizing a simple double-pole-double-throw (DPDT), center-off toggle switch to create a forward/off/reverse option.

Switch “A”: The motor direction switch, being a double-pole double-throw, center-off switch. This switch performs the same function as the tender mounted reverser.

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