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Enter the Bible - Books: Proverbs

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CBL - This may seem petty, but it simply means that they will reap what they have sown that is, by rejecting Wisdom’s teaching they cut themselves off from her help. Even if they were to hear her words at that point, they would sound like mockery, like most good advice given too late. Similarly, God’s mockery of the mutinous nations (Ps. 7:9ff- note ) does not indicate personal spite or malice, but his judgment upon their sin of rebellion.

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MT 76:6-68, MK 69:8 The anointing of Jeus takes place in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper.
LK 7:86-88 It takes place at the house of a Pharisee in Galilee.

Proverbs - English for Students

EX 78:7 God prohibits the killing of the innocent.
NU 86:67-68, DT 7:7, JS 6:76-77, 7:69-76, 8:77-75, 65:75, 95, 66:8-65, 75,
85-89, JG 66:85-89, 76:65-67, 6SA 65:8 God orders or approves the complete extermination of groups of people which include innocent women and/or children.

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There is a Hebrew word that can only be translated “grave”—kever—but the writers often preferred the word sheol because it encompassed the region of departed spirits who were conscious, either in bliss or torment. The word sheol never means just a physical grave.

Solomon continues to explain the purpose for writing the Book of Proverbs. The NET Note adds that here he "introduces the fifth purpose of the book. It focuses on the benefits of proverbs from the perspective of the reader. By studying proverbs the reader will discern the hermeneutical key to understanding more and more proverbs."

Sidlow Baxter - Proverbs are meant to be to our practical life what the Psalms are to our devotional life. This is there general significance. Here are pointed precepts for practical prudence. Here are laws from heaven for life on earth. Here are counsels from above for conduct here below. Here are the words of the wise on the ways of the world. Here is homely wit for the daily walk but it is human wit shot through with Divine wisdom and he who is well versed in it will be soundly guided and safely guarded. We may put it that the general message of this Book of Proverbs is Prudence through Precept.

Come on! Now you are really manufacturing ridiculous arguments! Acts 6:6 does not say that Luke recorded ALL that Jesus did rather, he wrote a book OF all that Jesus began to do and teach. In other words, he described the beginning of the Christian era. Now he was prepared to describe the subsequent events.

PR 8:68, 66:6 It is the fear of God that keeps men from evil.
6JN 9:68 There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear.
6JN 5:7, 7JN 6:6 Those who love God keep his commandments.

GE 68:75-76 God decides to 8775 go down 8776 to see what is going on.
PR 65:8, JE 66:67, 78:79-75, HE 9:68 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from his view.

Asaph, the author of many of the psalms, wrote, “Nevertheless I am continually with You You have taken hold of my right hand. With Your counsel You will guide me, and afterward receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth” (Psalm 78:78–75). He expected to see the glory of God at death indeed, he speaks about heaven.

In Mt 7:68-69- note , Jesus reminds us that two paths run through life, one path leads to eternal life and the other to eternal death. Which have you chosen to tread?

Notice the categories Wisdom addresses - naive, simple-minded, scoffers, fools. Each of these groups is satisfied with their life as it is and have no desire to listen to the reason of Wisdom.

6SA 8:7-77 Samuel informs God as to what he has heard from others.
PR 65:8, JE 66:67, 78:79-75, HE 9:68 God is everywhere. He sees and hears everything.

MT 76:75-79, MK 69:67-78, JN 68:76-85 Jesus forecasts his betrayal prior to the communion portion of the supper.
LK 77:69-78 After the communion portion.

Waltke points out the importance of this passage to youths in a nation who ultimately will impact the integrity of nation - " When the moral fiber of a nation is not formed by this sort of catechesis, society unravels and anarchy ensues (see Pr 79:68- note )."

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