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Bastiat: Selected Essays, Chapter 1, What Is Seen and What

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India has been the pinnacle of higher education in ancient times. The accounts of Chinese traveler Huien Tsang studying at Nalanda University at around seventh century BC is a shining example. But in recent times hardly any university has made a mark in international circles. Even the top colleges of India like IITs, IIMs, AIIMs and IIScs have not been able to make it to the top hundred universities of the world. If India has to emerge as a dominant force in the international arena, we have to increase the standard of higher education so as to reach the glory of the yesteryears.

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A man does something that produces good effects equal to ten, to his profit, and bad effects equal to fifteen, divided among thirty of his fellows in such a way that each of them receives only one half. In the total there is a loss, and there must necessarily be a reaction. We must concede, however, that it will be all the longer in coming because the bad effects are spread out so widely among the masses, while the good are concentrated at one point. x555B Unpublished fragment of the author. x555D

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Try to give two opposing views too. Somewhere this essay tends look completely biased towards the positives of social movements. There are examples of revolutions being good for a nation, or some social movements, such as feminist movements still struggling to find a foothold and larger acceptance in the dynamics of many societies.

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Common issues
The common factors which affect the quality of education of any HES are teachers, examination pattern and syllabus, regulation/autonomy,skill training, R& D output, academia-industry linkage, political intervention in technical matters and migration across streams and nations.

Insofar as the capacity for acting and speaking—and speaking is but another mode of acting—makes us political beings, and since acting always has meant to set something in motion that was not there before, birth, human natality, which corresponds to human mortality, is the ontological condition sine qua non of all politics. This was known in both Greek and Roman antiquity, albeit in an inexplicit manner. It came to the fore in the experiences of revolution, and it has influenced, though again rather inexplicitly, what one may call the revolutionary spirit. At any rate, the chain of revolutions, which for better and worse has become the hallmark of the world we live in, time after time discloses to us the eruption of new beginnings within the temporal and historical continuum.

Hey Amudhan,
learned a lot from your essay!
As a woman myself couln 8767 t agree more with what you have written 🙂
liked the way you summarised 8775 the second sex 8776 of de Beauvoir and also threw in Woolf and Rousseau ideology.

You started 9th paragraph brilliantly by saying, 8775 The education has multidimensional character and takes a holistic and integrated approach towards growth. To make things simple it is to study its gains separately . economic, social and political heads, yet one must not forget that education is much complex affair where various dimensions corresponds to each other, connected more like a web influencing and reinforcing each other 8776 and the whole paragraph is very good.

Where there is an avant-garde, generally we also find a rear-guard. True enough -- simultaneously with the entrance of the avant-garde, a second new cultural phenomenon appeared in the industrial West: that thing to which the Germans give the wonderful name of Kitsch : popular, commercial art and literature with their chromeotypes, magazine covers, illustrations, ads, slick and pulp fiction, comics, Tin Pan Alley music, tap dancing, Hollywood movies, etc., etc. For some reason this gigantic apparition has always been taken for granted. It is time we looked into its whys and wherefores.

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