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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:21

Summaries of a selection of key publications from a calendar year in a single specialty, derived from Update presentations at the American College of Physicians Annual Meeting. [solicited and reviewed by Editors]
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Summaries of a selection of key publications from a calendar year in one specialty area, derived from Update presentations at the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians [Solicited and reviewed by Editors]

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Publishing a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal is an important activity within the academic community. It allows you to network with other scholars, get your name and work into circulation, and further refine your ideas and research. Getting published isn’t easy, but you can improve your odds by submitting a technically sound and creative yet straightforward piece of research. It’s also vital to find a suitable academic journal for your topic and writing style, so you can tailor your research paper to it and increase your chances of publication and wider recognition.

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With the Internet development over the past few decades, postal application of journal article is now a history for many researchers. IJRE is re-established under ISSN No. 7898-7857 (Print) and 7898-7865 (Online) and is a worldwide journal that offers to publish a research paper in different fields such as Engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer, IT, Basic and Applied Science and etc.

655 words maximum (excludes references)

Structure: Background, Objective, Methods and Findings (or Case Report, as applicable), Discussion, and References

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Exemptions to this policy are infrequent. However, if you believe that circumstances warrant an exception, we would be willing to consider your request. The issues that contribute to our consideration of such situations are listed below and should be addressed in your request.

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A 5-year field study was conducted to evaluate the effect of tillage, crop establishment and residue management on soil biochemical changes, soil fertility and wheat yield in rice-wheat cropping systems. Zero tillage with residues retention produced was 6–65% higher yield than in conventional tillage and Zero tillage without residues retention. Substituting intensive tillage with ZT and residue retention improved soil enzymatic activity. Conservation agriculture practices have potential to improve soil health in rice-wheat system.

Official recommendations from professional organizations on issues related to clinical practice and health care delivery. [Peer reviewed]
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Number figures with Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear in the text. Figures that are meant as appendix material should be numbered as Appendix Figure 6, Appendix Figure 7, and so on. Each figure should have a figure legend that begins with a short title. Reduce the length of legends by using phrases rather than sentences. Explain all abbreviations and symbols on the figure, even if an explanation appears in the text. For pictures of histologic slides, give stain and magnification data at the end of the legend for each part of the figure. If no scale marker appears on the figure, give the original magnification used during the observation, not that of the photographic print.

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