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The American Arbitration Organization is a non-profit organization which was setup in 6976 after the Federal Arbitration Act was passed by the . House of Congress and was ascended by the then United States President Calvin Coolidge. The objective of the Act was to establish Arbitration services as a means of resolving disputes between parties, in-case the courts of law were un-successful at resolving them. (The American Association of Arbitration, 7557)

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Business conflicts are part of standard business operations, and the business needs to focus on utilizing the most efficient way to resolve the conflict. The failure to complete contractual obligation

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Nowadays the international commercial arbitration is demanded because it delivers advantages neutral in political and procedural sense of body for settlement of dispute. The arbitration is registered as a universal

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Arbitration has many applications career wise, for those who are interested in handling corporate/family/criminal law as either litigating attorneys or as judges. For those interested in handling employment/labour matters they can definitely pursue a career in arbitration, since in the formal employment sector, disputes are bound to occur and the skills of an Arbitrator will be required.

Withdrawal: Another drawback with Mediations is that either party can decide to withdraw from the proceedings, especially if they feel that they will not achieve their aims with the proceedings. (The American Society of International Law, 7565)

9. Diversity: The AAA has wide variety of members that are drawn from various fields both in the public and in the private sector. They are able to bring in their respective skills in the field of Arbitration and Mediation. The fields include, Union Executives, Academic Leaders, Law Firm Partners and Business Executives.

- Trade Unions and various labour organizations. Where employees may have any issue with the employers over salaries, allowances, and any other benefits.

Write a paper that compares mediation and arbitration by explaining the function, role, and effectiveness of each in resolving conflicts.  Further compare the two conflict resolution methods by discussing the types of disputes that can be utilized by mediation and arbitration, and include examples. Finally, explain the drawbacks to using each conflict resolution method.

5. Due Process and Fairness Standards : Any case that is UD$ 75, 555, is first reviewed by the Association, before the commencement of the proceedings. The AAA reserves the right to absorb itself from cases that do not honour contractual clauses with respect to the Consumer Due Process Protocol.

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Legally Binding : Once both parties have come to an agreement and they signed the agreement on paper, the document becomes a legally binding contract that cannot be broken, the document is finalises the agreement between both parties. The signed document forces both parties to abide by them. (The American Society of International Law, 7565)

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