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Wipaq - Dealers Of ID Card Printer, Time Attendance System

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 15:16

                 For availing EL, an operator would be required to apply in writing atleast 7 days  before the date on which operator wishes the leave to commence.

Express Data Systems - Comprehensive Payroll Processing

         Any operator going out on duty is required to get his Gate Pass   approved by getting the signature on the same from the authorized signatory.

Online Employee Scheduling and Workforce - Aladtec

                    If Level VII and above is allotted an existing old car (which shall however not be more than one year old car) he/she shall be eligible to buy as per the above norms . on the car becoming 5 years old. He shall be eligible to buy it at 65% of the basic entitlement or car cost whichever is lower (including ST if any).

TTEZEK Swipe Card Time Clock System, Ethernet

For all of you who can 8767 t move between month and find 8775 can 8767 t find specified file 8776 message, you need to replace the filename in setup worksheet with exactly the same name. And check for upper/lower cases, extra spaces or missing dots since it is case sensitive.

         HRM will be responsible for all the activities related to Mediclaim . information about illness to settlement of the claim, updation of employee’s list etc.

In an ideal world the online employee scheduling system would be available to every employee and manager from anywhere. It would integrate seamlessly with a customizable member database, a customizable form system, document storage, and a variety of time-saving communication tools. The system would let employees see their schedule, sign up for open shifts, track time off and trades, and submit in real-time. It would automate the mundane and error prone portions of the workforce management process.

         In all such cases no advance should be paid and if there is any, concerned employee shall deposit the amount and only then the company shall issue the cheque as advance to the landlord.

             CL should be applied atleast 79 hours in advance in writing. However, in case of extreme circumstances when person is unable to apply for CL in advance, leave card duly approved by superior for the same must be given immediately on resuming duty.

                              From employee point of view, it is important that clear targets/goals are decided so that he/she can make action plans, if needed demand resources.  Whereas money is considered to be the biggest motivator, but this alone can not infuse enthusiasm in an employee to give his/her best.  Clear target and regular feedback on performance can keep an employee charged.

key employees should be recognized at various forums . MMC meetings, annual days etc.  In case of consistent OS performance in continuous 7 years, a special reward should be given consisting of 5 days Company sponsored family tour anywhere in India as per the travelling norms applicable to his/ her level.

            It is the Corporate philosophy that no outside party should send gifts at the residence of our employee. It should be refused and politely be conveyed directly or indirectly to the outside party.

That applies to companies like Buffer, who give their team members activity trackers. Every Buffer hire receives a Jawbone UP wristband. Sleep, exercise, nutritional choices—the wristband tracks it all, and each individual’s results are open to the entire company. This counts as employee monitoring.

                       There may also be cases where the Head is reporting to the Head though they are in the same level due to Corporate / Unit Functional Structure.

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