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One might add that your faith in philosophical materialism (PM) is misplaced. Natural science does not support PM. Modern natural science relies on methodological naturalism (MN), but MN does not entail PM. The transition from MN to PM involves a huge irrational leap in thought.

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As Dr. Bonnette says: “Such interbreeding is not to be confused with the marriages between true human siblings and cousins which would have occurred in the first generations following Adam and Eve, which unions were a necessary part of God’s plan for the initial propagation of mankind (Gen. 6:78).”

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The first is that whether it’s associated with the left or right, and regardless of whether it’s located in Europe, Latin America, Asia, or North America, populism is a deeply ambiguous phenomenon. It’s one thing to critique not-so-elite political and bureaucratic elites who have run out of ideas or whose purpose has become self-perpetuation. That’s a good and often necessary thing. But populism is much better at articulating frustration and generating anger than at producing workable long-term solutions. That’s just as true in Latin America as it is in Europe.

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I do always find it amusing when people who say they believe the Bible work so diligently to run away from what it actually says. It 8767 s rather comical.

I know it all sounds poetic, but I cannot take any of that stuff seriously. I think a failure of religious advocates is that they assume too much from the starting point.

Moreover, given the marked reduction in the number of ancient HLA-DRB6 alleles found by the later genetic studies of Bergström and von Salomé, it may turn out that no interbreeding is needed at all, or at most, that very rare instances of it may have occurred. Such rare events might not even entail the consent of true human beings, since they could result from an attack by a subhuman male upon a non-consenting human female.

Is it possible that God simply chose a particular couple, a man and a woman in the 8775 Cradle of Civilization 8776 area to reveal Himself to and to spread the word about His existence? Did God breathe His Spirit into a man and woman He had just created, or did He breathe it into an already existing couple? If we say that for some reason this seems illogical then wouldn 8767 t we have to say that choosing a particular woman to bear His Son was equally illogical?

This is an important point, and I think every church tradition believes this is the case. It is also true that many churches have been 8775 led by the Spirit 8776 rather quickly, without considering the consequences, or trying to read the movement of the Spirit across the history of the Church.

8775 Thinker 8776 : 8775 Provide me actual scientific evidence that mind is spiritual 8776 papagan: Read my previous post in which I made reference to philosophical materialism and scientism. If you did read it before posting the above request, there is nothing more to say!

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