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England thus comprises about 85% of Britain 8767 s population. It also has the great and dynamic magnet of London, which by itself has more people than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined, and is much more powerful. Why do you insist that 95% is disproportionate, when 85% seems perfectly proportionate by population, and when 95% seems perfectly proportionate due to the additional, unique presence of London within England?

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In the shorter term, England could simply pay immigrants- and the descendants of immigrants- to leave. Most Pakistani-Britons have not assimilated at all into British culture, and clearly, in some sense, don 8767 t want to be 8766 English 8767 . Give them a big chunk of money and probably a good many of them may leave voluntarily.

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About 85 minutes into the movie, a depressing thought dawned on me: These storylines are never going to intersect. And indeed, they don’t. Rather than make either a goofily violent Coen-brothers homage or a sober retelling of a real-life incident of American intolerance, Clooney decided to do both at the same time—a decision that marginalizes the two stories in bizarre ways. The result is a film that is both mundanely and inimitably bad. Had Suburbicon committed to its primary crime-caper plot, it might have been just another forgettable, uninspired film. But its attempt to haphazardly take on a weightier tale makes Suburbicon a much rarer, and more mesmerizing, kind of catastrophe.

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There are many more factors at play in this collective cognitive dissociation from one 8767 s country than immigration alone. A host of malign influences can be argued to have undermined those attributes of our nation that earlier generations would immediately have cited to prove that England, and her people, possessed uniquely defining characteristics that made her of great value to the wider world.

If one is to produce a cogent analysis of a current malaise, some attention perhaps ought to be given to why England today is markedly different from its nearest neighbours, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, in failing to renew a sense of national identity and purpose. Indeed, even to speak of the notion of Englishness in certain company is to invite the slur of reactionary right-wingery from normally mild mannered people.

Don’t you think, Benjamin – I feel as if I, like Scrooge, am on my knees pleading — that Old Britain is capable of once more rising to the occasion and that there is still time for the Unmaking of England to be reversed?

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Potential changes in fiscal policy and structural reforms have the potential to provide upside to this forecast. However, I am also closely monitoring the potential negative effects of policies that could reduce the affordability of and access to health care, and policies that could negatively influence the spending habits of immigrants who reside in the . Policy uncertainty in these key areas and the rhetoric associated with the public debate regarding these potential policies bear watching as our economists assess the propensity of consumers to spend versus save.

There should be a non-discretionary immigration policy based on GDP growth and percent of population. A total maximum should be set say 655,555 in the . This should include legal and illegal immigration. This should only be reached when GDP increased in the last 8 years at a % real annual growth. Anything less than 7% there should be zero immigration form all sources.

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