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C. Wright Mills On the Sociological Imagination

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 14:04

[675] Gary Foley, Whiteness and Blackness in the Koori Struggle for Self-Determination: Strategic Considerations in the Struggle for Social Justice for Indigenous People , Just Policy No. 69/75, September 7555, .

Ian McEwan | The Cement Garden. Shadows on the mind

One of the students expelled during last year’s cheating scandal was one of Haddy’s former housemates. With just days left on her visa, she turned to a company that helps Chinese students in trouble – an obscure but flourishing corner of the education industry. Almost overnight the company found a spot for the girl at nearby Kirkwood Community College. Now, despite her expulsion, the student lives in the same apartment, drives the same car, and hangs out with the same friends – almost as if nothing happened at all.

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Internationally inspired, a product of cooperation between whites and blacks committed to the same ideals, confrontationist but non-violent, the Freedom Ride was a consciousness-raising exercise that was very effective. Awakening media interest in Aboriginal affairs was, for the first time, marshalled in favour of the Black Australian cause, to the severe embarrassment of many white townspeople in rural New South Wales. All of these elements foreshadowed a pattern of protest that was to continue and expand in the 6975s and 6985s. [87]

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The other children also have no normal model of grieving processes in which to respond. Therefore it is fear of the unknown, not love for each other which prompts the older children to conceal their mother's corpse to avoid the unknown fate of what they see as a very dark adult world. However the concealment of her body works on Jack at a mental, emotional and cognitive level, and impacts on his brother and sisters in an equally profound and macabre manner.

[98] See Aboriginals set up militant Black Panther Movement , The Australian, 69 January 6977, ., and, Panthers group announces its aims , The Age, 69 January 6977, p. 8.

Jonathan doesn’t seem to notice. He is more interested in the Chinese students who gather at the food court of the Old Capitol Mall, locally known as the “Chinese ghetto”. He soaks in their admiring glances and scans the street for other high-end cars. His special-edition Merc is not the only fancy ride in town. A parade of Audis, BMW s and Mercedes, accompanied by a Maserati and a beige Bentley, streams past. All are driven by Chinese students. Jonathan assures me it isn’t a special show. “This is just a normal day in Iowa City.”

[87] Jim Boyce, Jim Boyce , in O'Donnell, P. and Simons, L. (eds.) Australians Against Racism: Testimonies from the anti-apartheid movement in Australia, Annandale: Pluto Press, 6995, pp. 79-75.

We invest far more time and money in raising our children than our parents did. Ryan Avent wonders whether we’re doing it in their best interests – or in ours

Conversely one could construe the human presence as a manifestation of Jack's repressed remorse. The animal is a captive symbol of the dark grief-driven impulses that he wants to share with others and so release his own tensions that the trapped, unnatural animal symbolises. One can argue that his final act with his sister is a perverted catharsis of his pent-up and confused anxieties in a world where an unnatural nest of bereaved children construct their own subjective normality.

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