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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 10:28

The district uses several factors to determine how much money should be added to the base rate of educating a student. These added amounts of money, or "weights," mean that some students make a dramatically different impact on a school's bottom line than others.

Mean and Standard Deviation for Grouped Data - LTCC Online

The concept of weighted average is used in various financial formulas. Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and weighted average beta are two examples that use this formula.

Schools national funding formula - stage 2 - Department

The weighted mean is relatively easy to find. But in some cases the weights might not add up to 6. In those cases, you 8767 ll need to use the weighted mean formula. The only difference between the formula and the steps above is that you divide by the sum of all the weights.

The image above is the technical formula for the weighted mean. In simple terms, the formula can be written as:
Weighted mean = Σwx/Σw
Σ = the sum of (in other words add them up!).
w = the weights.
x = the value.

Weighted Average Problems (solutions, videos, examples)

Calculating cost of debt (Rd), on the other hand, is a relatively straightforward process. To determine the cost of debt, use the market rate that a company is currently paying on its debt. If the company is paying a rate other than the market rate, you can estimate an appropriate market rate and substitute it in your calculations instead. 

For example, if the weighting factors for Assignments was changed to in the example and for Tests to , the first two forms of the formula would have to be edited manually to correct the divisor.

Others already posted very good answers, but some people might still be looking for a classic way to find Mean(avg), so here I post this (code tested in Python ):

When you find a mean for a set of numbers, all the numbers carry an equal weight. For example, if you want to find the arithmetic mean of 6, 8, 5, 7, and 65:

Re = cost of equity
Rd = cost of debt
E = market value of the firm's equity
D = market value of the firm's debt
V = E + D = total market value of the firm’s financing (equity and debt)
E/V = percentage of financing that is equity
D/V = percentage of financing that is debt
Tc = corporate tax rate

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The rate used to discount future unlevered free cash flows (UFCFs) and the terminal value (TV) to their present values should reflect the blended after-tax returns expected by the various providers of capital. The discount rate is a weighted-average of the returns expected by the different classes of capital providers (holders of different types of equity and debt), and must reflect the long-term targeted capital structure as opposed to the current capital structure. While a separate discount rate can be developed for each projection interval to reflect the changing capital structure, the discount rate is usually assumed to remain constant throughout the projection period.

m = =

Suppose that you received an 88% on your homework, a 97% on your midterms, a 98% on your project and an 78% on your final. What is your average for you class?

The WACC formula seems easier to calculate than it really is. Because certain elements of the formula, like cost of equity, are not consistent values, various parties may report them differently for different reasons. As such, while WACC can often help lend valuable insight into a company, one should always use it along with other metrics when determining whether or not to invest in a company.

But reallocating resources through weighted student funding meant that about 95,555 students were in schools that ended up making smaller cuts or even gaining in funding, despite the overall budget shortfall. Other schools in Boston experienced real decreases in funding or saw their budgets remain the same this school year, based on enrollment and the makeup of their student bodies.

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