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In India alone there are over 655 festivals celebrated throughout a year. The reason is that there are all religions like, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsis and so on.

Short Speech on Ganesh Chaturthi Festival - Important India

This is more popularly known as Mother&rsquo s Day. Traditionally, Christians visited their &lsquo mother church&rsquo and took gifts to their mothers, which often included a simnel cake.

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Japanese festival which prepares for the new year by cleansing Shinto home shrines and Buddhist altars. The bells of Buddhist temples are struck 658 times to warn against the 658 evils to be overcome.

Holi Festival 2017 - Date, History, Significance, Images

By the Spring Equinox, the powers of the gathering year are equal to the darkness of winter and death. The God (the Green Man) awakens during this season. Some dedicate this time to Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility.

Displays of various foods are made in churches and Sunday schools and services are held to give thanks for the goodness of God&rsquo s gifts in nature.

Evening carol services, crib services and Midnight Masses inaugurate the festival of Christmas. Santa Claus (from the Dutch Sinter Klaus) is a legendary figure, based on St Nicholas of Myra, and is supposed to bring presents to children on Christmas Eve.

This is a festival observed by Shi&lsquo a Muslims, for whom it is an extremely important day. It commemorates an event shortly before the death of the Prophet and his announcement concerning Ali, which they understand to be his clear appointment to be successor to the prophet as the spiritual and temporal leader of Islam.

The patron saint of Ireland, who lived in Britain in the 9th century CE, became a priest and set out to evangelise the Irish. His symbol is the shamrock, sprigs of which are worn on this day. Parades are held in Dublin and elsewhere, often of a secular nature.

On the fourteenth of Sha&rsquo ban, the eighth month of the Muslim calendar and two weeks before Ramadan commences, Muslims seek forgiveness for their sins. Many Muslims believe that it is on this night that a person&rsquo s destiny is fixed by Allah for the coming year, and the night is often spent in prayer, asking for forgiveness and God&rsquo s guidance. Some Muslims fast during the daytime in preparation for the night. In certain parts of the world Muslims visit the graves of relatives, and the giving of charity is also traditional. In a number of places the night is marked with firework displays.

But how did colors become part of Holi? This dates back to the period of Lord Krishna (reincarnation of Lord Vishnu . It is believed that Lord Krishna used to celebrate holi with colors and hence popularized the same. He used to play holi with his friends at Vrindavan and Gokul. They used to play pranks all across the village and thus made this a community event. That is why till date Holi celebrations at Vrindavan are unmatched.

Birth Anniversary of the tenth Guru, who instituted the practice of the Five Ks and established the Order of the Khalsa on Vaisakhi (Baisakhi). An akhand path, an unbroken reading of the whole of the Guru Granth Sahib, spreads over a 98 hour period.

Isi Me Samaye Indradhanushi Saat Rango,
Jo Dikhe Aapko Zindagi Sadgi Bhari Kisi Ki,
To Aap Yun Samjho Satrangi Hai Duniya Usiki,
Holi mubarak!!

A seven day harvest festival also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, which commemorates the 95 years that the Jews spent in the wilderness on the way from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. A temporary hut or booth &ndash called a sukkah &ndash is used during this time for eating meals and for visits and socialising. In hot countries families may live in their sukkah during the festival. The roof, which has to be open in part to the elements, is covered with branches and decorated with fruit. Four species of plant, the lulav (palm branch), the etrog (a yellow citrus fruit), the hadas (myrtle) and the aravah (willow) are used at the festival

Lughnasadh, otherwise called Lammas, is the time of the corn harvest, when Pagans reap those things they have sown and when they celebrate the fruits of the mystery of Nature. At Lughnasadh, Pagans give thanks for the bounty of the Goddess as Queen of the Land.

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