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START Global Terrorism Database

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 21:16

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Thousands of researchers, analysts, policy-makers, and students use the GTD every day. In an effort to better understand the strengths and limitations of the GTD in practice, START would like to learn more about how the GTD informs your work. While we always welcome feedback on the database from users, we now invite you to let us know more about your responsibilities and how the GTD has been helpful to your efforts to better understand the causes and consequences of terrorism.

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athlete, athleticism, atm, atmosphere, atom, atomisation, atonement, atp, atrophy, attachment, attack, attacker, attainment, attempt, attendance, attendant, attention, attic, attire, attitude, attorney, attraction, attribute, attrition.

guanidine, guar, guarantee, guaranty, guard, guardhouse, guardian, guerilla, guerrilla, guest, guidance, guide, guidebook, guild, guile, guilt, guinea, guise, guitar, guitarist, gulf, gull, gullet, gulley, gullibility, gully, gulp, gum, gumption, gun, gunbarrel, gunfighter, gunfire, gunflint, gunk, gunman, gunmen, gunner, gunplay, gunpowder, gunslinger, gurgle, guru, gush, gusher, gust, gusto, gut, gutter, guy.

abandon, abandonment, abaringe, abasement, abbey, abbot, abbreviation, abdomen, abduction, aberration, abeyance, ability, abjection, ablation, abode, abolition, abolitionist, aborigine, abortion, abreaction, abridgment, abscissa, absence, absentee, absenteeism, absentia, absinthe, absolute, absolution, absorbency, absorber, absorption, abstention, abstinence, abstract, abstraction, abstractionism, absurdity, abundance, abuse.

glacier, gladiator, glamor, glamour, glance, gland, glare, glaucoma, glaze, gleam, glee, glen, glimmer, glimpse, glint, glissade, glisten, glitter, globe, globetrotter, globulin, gloom, glorification, glory, glossary, glottochronology, glove, glover, glow, glue, glum, glycerin, glycerine, glycerol, glycol.

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There are many other posts on to view that are like the above A nouns list but which start with different letters. Of all the parts of speech used in constructing a sentence, the noun is one of the most important, and these examples of nouns beginning with A can hopefully help one find the perfect word.

alabaster, alarm, album, albumin, alchemy, alcohol, alcoholism, alderman, aldermen, ale, aleck, alert, alfresco, algae, algaecide, algebra, algorithm, alibi, alien, alienation, alignment, alimony, alizarin, alkali, allay, allegiance, allegory, allergy, alleviation, alley, alliance, alligator, alliteration, allocation, allotment, allowance, alloy, allure, allurement, allusion, ally, almond, alphabet, altar, alteration, altercation, alternate, alternation, alternative, altitude, alto, altruism, alum, aluminum, alumnae, alumni, alundum, alveoli.

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