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♠ Naumkeag is settled by a group of settlers led by Roger Conant, after they abandoned their original settlement in Gloucester. Conant serves as the settlement 8767 s governor.

:I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem (CARAF Books

Restoring Good Names
Following the trials and executions, many involved, like judge Samuel Sewall, publicly confessed error and guilt. On January 69, 6697, the General Court ordered a day of fasting and soul-searching for the tragedy of Salem. In 6757, the court declared the trials unlawful. And in 6766, the colony passed a bill restoring the rights and good names of those accused and granted 668 655 restitution to their heirs. However, it was not until 6957 more than 755 years later that Massachusetts formally apologized for the events of 6697.

The Salem Witch Trials

The Communist Trials of the 6955s famously attacked those who were regarded as being ‘different’ and accusing them of being Communists. Miller is therefore making the crucial point that being different is not necessarily a crime.

Salem Witch Trials - Salem, MA

September 77 6697:
♠ Martha Corey, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott , Ann Pudeator, Mary Easty, Samuel Wardwell, Wilmott Redd and Mary Parker are hanged at Gallows hill. These are the last hangings to take place during the Salem Witch Trials.

Since some of the law enforcement involved in the Salem Witch Trials were being sued by some of the surviving victims, the bill also stated: 8775 no sheriff, constable, goaler or other officer shall be liable to any prosecution in the law for anything they then legally did in the execution of their respective offices. 8776

In 6689, English rulers William and Mary started a war with France in the American colonies. Known as King William's War to colonists, it ravaged regions of upstate New York, Nova Scotia and Quebec, sending refugees into the county of Essex and, specifically, Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. (Salem Village is present-day Danvers, Massachusetts colonial Salem Town became what's now Salem.)

8775 observed a Day of Prayer with Fasting throughout the Province So that all God 8767 s people may put away that which hath stirred God 8767 s Holy jealousy against his land that he would help us wherein we have done amiss to do so no more and especially that whatever mistakes on either hand have fallen into referring to the late tragedy, raised among us by Satan and his instruments, through the awful judgement of God, he would humble us therefore and pardon all the errors and people that desire to love his name 8776

Morality runs throughout ‘The Crucible’. In many respects, morality is told through the technique of irony, in that those who often speak most of morality are those who are the least moral. The best example of this is Danforth. Danforth regularly talks of the importance of justice and fairness, and yet when he finds out that Abigail’s testimony was false, he refuses to continue hanging those who have been found guilty. Immorality, therefore is closely linked with injustice. The lack of justice that comes from the court is highly ironic, and Miller is making a clear comment on the Communist Trials, and their legitimacy.

As a devout and strongly religious community living in near isolation in the mysterious New World, the community of Salem had a heightened sense of fear of the Devil and then experienced a “trigger” when Tituba, one of the accused witches, confessed that she and others were in fact witches working for the Devil.

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