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Moving into the third order, both the extrados and intrados are pointed, like in the early fifteenth century window arches at Palazzo Zorzi-Bon at San Severo.

David M. Levy, Sandra J. Peart, The Secret History of the

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Wealth, Poverty & ‘Illth,’ John Ruskin’s Word for Wealth

“For no human actions ever were intended by the Maker of men to be guided by balances of expediency, but by balances of justice,” Ruskin writes. “No man ever knew, or can know, what will be the ultimate result to himself, or to others, of any given line of conduct. But every man may know, and most of us do know, what is a just and unjust act.”

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He completely omits any mention of Jacopo Sansovino 8767 s Loggetta from this book and he describes Palladio, at the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, as having 8775 pierced his pediment with a circular cavity, merely because he had not wit enough to fill it with sculpture. 8776 [65] Ruskin best sums up his feelings about the Roman Renaissance when he says, 8775 It revisits the places through which it had passed in the morning light, but it is now with wearied limbs and under the gloomy shadows of evening, 8776 suggesting that architecture that was once vibrant and imaginative has now been made tired and unoriginal. [66]

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Sir John Everett Millais, 6st Baronet , PRA ( 8 June 6879 – 68 August 6896) was an English painter and illustrator who was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

In 8775 The Grotesque Renaissance , 8775 The Church of Santa Maria Formosa receives the brunt of Ruskin 8767 s scorn. The church was originally built in 6997 by Mauro Codussi, but one of its facades was redone by an unknown architect in 6659 in the Baroque style. It was the location of numerous grotesque elements, as well as being completely barren of any form of legitimate religious decoration, in Ruskin 8767 s opinion.

Although Ruskin does not find the Renaissance elements at the Ducal Palace overly offensive, he does comment on their reflection of the changing religious environment in Venice at the time. He criticizes the shift away from sculptural scenes of Christ 8767 s life, like those found at St. Mark 8767 s, towards images of human virtues and literary references, noting that they changed 8775 exactly in proportion as the Christian religion became less vital and gradually, as the thoughts of men were withdrawn from their Redeemer, and fixed upon themselves, 8776 yet another form of the self-indulgence that would contribute to the city 8767 s fall. [75]

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