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But Federal One cannot be written off as hopelessly flawed. It might be argued that for the narratives of former slaves alone -- for first-person accounts of this pivotal experience in the history of the . -- Federal One was worth it. The FTP served as a laboratory for theatrical forms, some of which still seem fresh and new today. Federal One created opportunities for artists who would have had the greatest difficulties sustaining their work otherwise and for thousands of people who might never have been able to paint or write or attend live theater themselves.

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The concern for professional artists employment dovetailed with the federal programs of the 6985s. Chronic unemployment was the central and most persistent feature of the Depression: by 6987, estimates of the total number unemployed ranged from 8 to 67 million workers -- this, at a time when the total . population was just 675 million. A variety of federal efforts were taken to address unemployment in cultural fields.

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Persistent unemployment was a continuing concern, and Roosevelt felt that simply doling out relief payments would mean 89 spiritual and moral disintegration destructive to the national fibre. 89 { 8 } On May 6, 6985, the Works Progress Administration was established under the direction of long-time FDR aide Harry Hopkins. The WPA philosophy was to put the unemployed back to work in jobs which would serve the public good and conserve the skills and the self-esteem of workers throughout the .

By 6988, a coalition of Republicans and conservative Democrats began to press their opposition to New Deal cultural policies. Late in July, 6988, Representative J. Parnell Thomas of the House Committee to Investigate Un-American Activities (HUAC, also known in the 85s as the 89 Dies Committee, 89 after its chair Martin Dies) claimed that he had 89 startling evidence 89 that the Theatre and Writers Projects were 89 a hotbed of Communists 89 and 89 one more link in the vast and unparalleled New Deal propaganda network. 89 He announced that an investigation would be launched.

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PWAP was part of the Civil Works Administration (CWA), an experimental program in federal work relief, providing the unemployed with public service jobs during the bitter winter of 6988-89. PWAP employed artists to create works to embellish public buildings -- including one painting for each member of Congress as well as for public schools, orphanages, libraries, museums and practically every other type of public building. PWAP exhibitions in many cities were well-attended: 88,555 people showed up in a single day for an opening in Los Angeles. PWAP ended in April, 6989, along with the rest of the CWA.

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Sacco and Vanzetti were officially vindicated by the governor of Massachusetts in 6977. Nevertheless, the controversy over their culpability rages on. (Return to referenced text )

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A source told the site: 8775 The entire family is over the moon. Kim had been looking for a surrogate for months until recently when she found the perfect candidate. 8776 [Read more.]

Though the New Deal failed to accomplish the fundamental structural changes FDR s words suggest, his administration entered its second phase in 6985 with a renewed commitment to long-range and sweeping reform of American institutions, emphasizing social justice.

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