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7. Communications management: It involves planning, executing, and controlling the acquisition and dissemination of all information relevant to the needs of all project stakeholders. This information includes project status, accomplishments, events that may affect other stakeholders or project.

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Accountancy or accounting is the process to transfer the information from one person to another about a company, firm or business. This information mainly comprises on the financial information, however some other kinds of information in also useful in order to make objectives, strategies or goals. Particularly, the monetary resources are the main concerned of accounting. It is essential to make sure that resources that include financial or non-financial resources must be handled efficiently or effectively that is because it has a significant impact on the financial results of the company. In addition, management accounting is helpful in order to generate objectives and strategies for the company.

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The best part was here to understand the benefits of undertaking this project. After initiating the project it should be planned and designed. Project manager should be appointed along with a group of trained and skilled team members. Depending upon their knowledge and skills the tasks and authority should be delegated.

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These can serve as self-documenting meetings that can later be retrieved, played back and used for understanding and validation of the customers’ requirements agreed upon to be delivered.

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The employees of NC did not have any motivation to be honest, and accountable. Over-burdened by various roles, they would be forced to be negligent in understanding and discharging their duties. For example, the sales team ‘assumed’ that a delay in delivery of the products was fine with the customers, but did not bother to communicate the same to the client in advance.

Financial management deals with the effective as well as efficient management of funds in a way that it  accomplishes the objectives of the organization. It is a very broad area of expertise and it essentially covers the following areas: personal finance, corporate finance, public finance, international finance and behavioural finance. Our dedicated experts provide financial management assignment help in all of the aforementioned areas.

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