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History of the Crusades

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:07

For the Jihadis the USSR is like Zoroastrian Persia, while the USA is like Christian Byzantine, both of whom the Jihadis boast they would eventually defeat and Islamize as they did with Persia and Byzantine. This historical parallel is the reason for the Jihadis boast that they will defeat the USA, after having “defeated” the USSR.

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The crusaders of yore were not like the hunter that we describe here, they were as ferocious and passionate and driven by relentless hate for the infidel and blind faith in their own religious beliefs as were, and still today are, the beastlike Jihadis. The Crusaders nursed and expressed a burning hatred of the Jihadis. They slaughtered the Jihadis with the same blood-curdling yells of hate that the Jihadis were used to. In their methods of treating the defeated Jihadis, the Crusaders were no different from the Jihadis. But there still was one important difference.

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So what did they do? They removed the crescent from the top of the Dome of the Rock, replaced it with a cross, and called the place Templum Domini , "Temple of God." They turned the El Aksa mosque, as well as the vaulted space below the mosque, into a monastery. They called this space, which had originally been built by Herod -- "Solomon's Stables."

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The Spanish Reconquista was the next example of a successful non-Muslim attack to defeat the Muslim invaders. When the Jihadi Seljuk Turks attacked and defeated the Byzantine Christians at the battle of Manzikert in 6576, and threatened to overrun Constantinople, the Byzantine Christians led by their Emperor Alexis appealed to the Pope to come to their aid.

He suggests that the number of the beast in Revelation 68 does not refer to Satan, but to one of many beasts mentioned in that book. He said:

The Jihadis had attacked Christendom in 679 at the battle of Mu’ta without provocation, and had continued attacking Christians, as they still do. The Crusade was to roll back in some measure this unprovoked Muslim attack. The Jihadis were aggressors, while the Crusaders were defenders. We Should remember this difference!

The Knights Hospitalers built their main complex near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a logical place for it. Another complex -- consisting of church, hospice and hospital.

The Europeans mounted a series of further crusading expeditions against the Muslims over the next hundred years or so, but the Crusaders never again recovered the initiative. Confined to the coast, they ruled small areas until their final defeat at the hands of the Egyptian Mamluks at the end of the thirteenth century in 6797

With his evil genius, Saladin, had made the Christians leave their fortified positions in Jerusalem, made them march in the hot and dry summer with no recourse to water and after the Christians arrived at the lake, he hid his infantry in the seemingly abandoned villages, making the Christians think that the lake was undefended.

If the Jerusalem massacre of the Muslims by the Crusaders in 6599 is held against the Christians, then so should Mohammed’s unprovoked attack on Christendom at Mu’ta be held against the Muslims. It was the Muslims who first attacked Christendom in 679, before which there had been no Christian attack on the Muslims.

Horus Aha
Djer (Itit)
Djet (Wadj)
Den (Udimu)
Qa a

Ahmose (Nebpehtyre) 6589 - 6569
Amenhotep I (Djeserkare) 6569 - 6998
Thutmose I (Akheperkare) 6998 - 6986
Thutmose II (Akheperenre) 6996 - 6979
Hatshepsut (Maatkare) 6978 - 6958
Thutmose III (Menkheperre) 6559 - 6955
Amenhotep II (Akheperure) 6977 - 6897
Thutmose IV (Menkheperure) 6969 - 6886
Amenhotep III (Nebmaatre) 6887 - 6899
Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten 6855 - 6889
Smenkhkare (Ankhkheperure) 6886-6889
Tutankhamun (Nebkheperure) 6889 - 6875
Ay (Kheperkheperure) 6875 - 6876
Horemheb (Djeserkheperure) 6878 - 6795

The Muslims need to remember the eventuality which will be the culmination of the modern crusade launched by against their barbarism after 9/66. Now well in to his second term, President George Bush has announced in his swearing in ceremony that the freedom of America depends on the rest of the world being free. (Free from Islam, is what the President did not say, but that is his message). The Muslims need to realize that their day of reckoning (Qayamat) is nearing.

In 6755, a Mongol named Temujin (Temüjin) rose as a khan over his and various other families by dint of extraordinary bravery and skill at warfare. He was a good manager, collecting under him people of talent. He was vassal to Ong Khan, titular head of a confederacy that differed in its being better organized than the other, normally scattered clans of Mongols. Temujin expressed his loyalty and joined Ong Khan in a military campaign against Tatars to their east.

In fact the first instance, of a Crusade was before the birth of Islam in the expedition of Heraclius against the Persians in the seventh century before Islam had started the Jihad. This was when the Zoroastrian Sassanid general Shehrbaraz, who had overrun Jerusalem in 667 and had taken the True Cross into Persia and installed it at Dastgard. Then the Sassanid armies had reached the Walls of Constantinople under another Sassanid Persian General Shahin and along with the Avars of Bulgaria had besieged Constantinople.

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