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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:22

It also reminds me of the conversation that Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond (Dear Sugar Radio) had with Esther Perel about infidelity, that for the first time in human history we are expecting our significant others to serve as our lover/best friend/provider/therapist/confidante etc when in the past we had an entire village to fill those rolls. http:/// /75/dear-sugar-episode-twenty-seven

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And thank you, Emma. There used to be a dads 8767 group in my city and I attended a couple of their get-togethers, but it kind of faded away. There are several moms 8767 groups that I 8767 m aware of, but most don 8767 t welcome men, which is unfortunate for this stay-at-home dad. I 8767 m not really sure why we need separate moms 8767 and dads 8767 groups. In the spirit of building a village, can 8767 t we just have parents 8767 groups?

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Hi Beth,
I think this is a moving and interesting post, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I think that you 8767 re right that mothers, and even, parents, have a lot of burdens, and that societal shifts have made those worse.

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You didn 8767 t read the article. There is no village in your life. You 8767 re doing everything on your own and overdoing for others. This is a big problem with a disproportionate amount of people doing all the work for others, which is basically slavery. A tribe is about contributing ONLY after you meet your needs first. When you 8767 re working with a half empty cup, pretty soon it will run dry.

While I appreciate your efforts to increase postpartum support and 8775 change the world, 8776 you might reconsider your tactics. Insulting someone while asking for their support is not a very effective strategy.

You and I are not the problem at all. WE ARE DOING PLENTY. We may feel inadequate, but that’s because we’re on the front lines of the problem, which means we’re the ones being hardest hit. We absorb the impact of a broken, still-oppressive social structure so that our children won’t have to .

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Every day I go about my life: drive my children to and fro, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, and change my baby's diapers in my four-walled house while the world buzzes around me busy and fast. My little plays on the floor and I watch him pluck toy after toy out of the large box in the corner of the room and although my life is rich with many things, I think about you because I miss the village.

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